Tuesday, 8 November 2011

this is how i feel

Have you ever loved someone to much,  and give ur arm for?

 When they know they're your heart
And you know you were their armour
And you will destroy anythng tht would try to harm her
 but hve u did  knows how its feel when karma turn around and kick u??
What happens when you become the main source of her pain?
yes  oppressed.
and now i know u are gonna blame me for all of this thing..
yes i admit it..
this is all my fault..
and you gonna taik to your friend tht i have mooks ur heart..
and your friend gonna "bang" me...
honestly i will say,i love u..but when this karma turn back around..
its gonna make all thing hurly-burly..
yeah now we fall apart..
i know u are sick now!!
i try to treat ur wound..
but i cant..
i know ur down now..
i know u are missing me right know..
and ur friend always let me know ur conditions ..

but..dont ever u think that u are the only one who feel that..
this is how i fell now..
in every step i walking,my foot feel so cold like ice..
my foot are strain right now..
walks down this road alone..
,a million kg of load are crash into my head..
collapse and there is no way i can stand again..
i looks for the sun but its raining today..
i really wanna show u,
i really wanna hold u till i cant hold u,
i really wanna know u like no one else can know u.
i keep having u in my dream,u are crying ..
 i can see u sad even u smile even u laugh,
  and now this awry are keep haunting me in my dream..
my haed are down now..cant keep my head up high in the sky..
cant keep my eyes of u..i cant see u,i cant see u are crying..im so awry..

u can see me happy but u cant see me crying..wthout u..its seem so strnge..
wthout u,evrday seem cloudy..evry night seem so dim....
but i cant go back and find u..i would not poke ur heart once again..
baby just move on..u have to belive in urself.u can do it baby....
u are gonna not died wthout me..belive me..u can do it baby..
u gonna have to swing by urself..
im looking down on ur smilin.
and i cant feel the thing so baby dont feel the pain just smile back..
u have to find ur stength and keeping moving on...
dont sit on the past..just keeping moving on ..
im sorry..im gonna not turning back for u ..
but u have to know..im still loving u

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